I enjoy sharing my love of music as a performer and guitar tutor. For over 30 years I've worked with individuals of all ages and with groups. I  speak English, Greek, French, German, some Italian and Russian too. I live in London, UK and in Athens, Greece, you can book a face to face session with me, join a workshop or meet me on Skype.    

I've always been a music lover...

From my childhood years and teens I can remember singing with my guitar with friends and wanting to learn more and more about music -  the greatest art form. 

Music, singing and dancing is part of everyday life in Greece it's not unusual for musicians to bring their guitars along to a restaurant and jam together with friends and those who love to sing and dance. 

Singing not only gathers people; it actually unites them. A song is the shortest distance between two people...

and, guitar, in particular, is the instrument designed for the human voice -  this instrument accompanies me everywhere. 

As a young adult performing professionally with various artists in concerts and open air events I gained experience that enabled me to communicate with small and large audiences. I have worked with all ages and all types of musicians and world music. 

It would be my pleasure to accompany you on your musical journey. 

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